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descriptions can be found on Estrakir Gloomthorn 's page. The Spiral Geographic Society Archives Warehouse is located in the southeast corner. If the topic isn't already created (i.e. Drops should be recorded to Mysterious Crawler. Up to four Wizards can enter the dungeon at the sigil. Don't be bashful, call him up! It is one of the first tower gauntlets to introduce Boss cheats, such as removing Traps, interrupt-casting, 0-Pip spells, and using Creature-exclusive spells. Solution: 3, 2, 1, 4,. Notes: This instance is repeatable. Level 4: Puzzle floor with Health Wisps available. Call this guy: David Hirt:, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm pst.

Level 5: General Stormclaw, Lazy Henchman, Half-Witted Skeleton, Tired Fighter Cheat descriptions can be found on General Stormclaw 's page. Drops should be recorded to, mysterious Crawler. Level 6: Villainous Scratcher, Villainous Scratcher, Screecher, Screecher Drops should be recorded to Villainous Scratcher. Failure results in a battle with Mysterious Crawlers and Thief Princes. The name of this instance is "Warehouse" - as seen in the message when porting, or the location displayed on the character login screen, although the dungeon sigil displays the name as Spiral Geographic Society Archives. That will give you.00 discount on shipping price for any order over 199.00. These quests begin with, strange Frequencies, but are no longer required to gain access to Celestia. Level 3: Mysterious Crawler, Mysterious Crawler, Icy Ghost, Icy Ghost.

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